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A Gauteng based CCTV & Access control repair and installation company.

The Quicklinka Security Systems Supplier and providers for services of CCTV Installation in Johannesburg covering Gauteng Areas such as Sandton, Randburg, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria, Krugersdorp, Soweto, Boksburg and many other cities is available now for 

  • Camera Installation
  • Upgrading to HD Cameras

With so many years of CCTV installation in Johannesburg Gauteng and surrounding areas, Quicklinka is Ready to work with you on your new CCTV installation, CCTV upgrades, Remote viewing, alarms, system integration etc. Find out more from us  011 568 9604

What will Quicklinka do for my CCTV installation during camera  mounting? We mount and position your cameras for your home or business along with all material desired (recording device, power supply, etc)

Upgrading to HD Cameras

I have an old analog system of CCTV who do I call for CCTV upgrade? If you have an old camera system which has no CCTV facial recognition capabilities, certain objects, or watch your places remotely, Quicklinka can upgrade your cameras!

We offer a wide range of security cameras amongest which you can find analog cameras, IP cameras and CCTV systems and several security accessories.

Upgrade to an IP Camera Installer Joburg

IP cameras were cost-prohibitive and complicated when they were first introduced to commercial markets. Over the past few years however, their costs have come down exponentially while ease-of-use has improved significantly. IP camera systems differ from older closed circuit security systems in that they are capable of sending and receiving data over a network and the Internet. This can provide your business with many advantages that make an upgrade to an IP camera system beneficial.

Why As A Business in Johannesburg You Need a CCTV Camera Security System i

Is your businesses operating within Johannesburg? generally you will require a CCTV Installation that  proactively monitors your premises. The CCTV system installed on your home or office premises  helps to keep employees and customers safe and secure. Your office or home might have sensitive areas that demand even more time and money  on security, however, this can be a financial and logistical headache. For low cost and effective monitoring you can go for Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) which is very handy – connected to monitors in a preferred security observation room, CCTV cameras are strategically positioned also camera systems stream live feed to the main computer system that records each day’s activities caught on film. Banks, shops, and civic services are just a few examples of the many environments that utilise this reliable and highly efficient type of security system.

How Do I know Which Johannesburg Camera Security System to Choose?

At Quicklinka, we know how important it is to make your company as efficient, resilient and proactive as possible, and this extends to having a security system that can be trusted to provide a comprehensive view of your day-to-day operations without having to pay more than you need to. In fact, your business could cut security costs in half simply by utilizing our camera system installation and maintenance services. Keeping your business’ location safe has never been easier. By providing only the most innovative high-tech equipment and analyzing your establishment to identify the most effective points of installation, we are able to ensure that your business will instantly benefit from our professional security camera installation.

Can Security Cameras Prevent Crime In Johannesburg Gauteng?

Quicklinka  security cameras has a greater percentage to prevent crimes from occurring on your company property if you’re in Johannesburg area. Most cases, as would-be thieves and other potential threats to your business will believe that their intended target is highly fortified (even if you only have CCTV cameras and nothing else). By stepping up your safety measures and utilizing our CCTV camera systems services, your  business, inventory, customers, employees, and outright reputation will remain safeguarded against unwanted incidents.

Our experts are highly trained to the position, install, and maintain CCTV camera systems in a manner that protects sensitive areas, is clearly visible to the general public and employees, and provides businesses with comprehensive site monitoring from a centralized location. If you operate in a less-than-desirable neighbourhood, have encountered threats to the safety of specific sites in the past, or are simply looking to bolster your security before anything does happen, Quicklinka has the optimal solution. If you’re interested in learning more about our CCTV camera services or wish to work with us, feel free to contact via phone or email today.


Surveillance Cameras

We provide professional video surveillance camera systems, our professional trained installers and technicians will give you the latest high-tech equipment designed to meet the needs of your place.


DVR’s Installation, repairs and reset passwords to any digital video recorder

Smart Home

Using Home Automation to turn your house into a Smart Home just got easier with the help of our technicians. Remote Control, Lighting Control, Whole Home Audio/Video IR Distribution, Surveillance and Security.


ntercom installation or intercom repair service. Quality intercom systems installation and offices or home intercom repair is our specialty for over 20 years.

DVR Repair and Installation Johannesburg

Camera Repair

Our Camera Systems are designed and installed with expertise and discipline, but we also make sure that our customers are well-trained to get the most out of their systems

Quicklinka CCTV repairs and installation Sandton teams with Repair Paradise technicians for industrial appliance repairs.

intercom installer Johanneburg

Intercom Repair

Our specialty is installing, repairing, and servicing customized security systems, whether they be small residential systems or large, commercial applications.
We are professionals intercom repair, on-time service offers 24/7 around the clock service.